Monday, January 12, 2009

Using Jira for Agile

I'm working with a team that has been using Jira and wanted to see if they could use Jira for the product backlog and iteration tracking. There are a set of customizations and add-ins for Jira that can make it work, as I found at this informative site. The basic idea is to use Jira versions for each iteration, un-versioned items become the product backlog, and add-ins let you fine-tune the ranking of each item and produce burndown metrics.

I'm still a proponent of using a physical task board when the team is co-located, and I think other tools like XPlanner and Scrumworks are better suited to agile development, but I'll give this setup with Jira a try and report back on how well it works.


Unknown said...

Brad, wondering if you have any updates on this. Our team uses Jira for defect mgmt, and was thinking of using it in the same manner. Any advice would be helpful.

Brad Swanson said...

I did a follow-up post here:

The bottom line is that Jira will work as an agile tool with the free plug-ins, although it's not great. I'd recommend you get the Greenhopper plug-in.