Friday, March 30, 2007

A successful agile offshore project

Since July, I've been working for BoldTech Systems as a consultant to Envysion, a start-up company in Boulder that provides web-based video management solutions. This is the project that brought me to China to lead a great team of developers in building Envysion's new web-based video application. We officially released the web site to the public this week, although several customers had been using it prior to then in a beta version.

I lead the team using agile principles and practices, and the result is a happy customer and very enthusiastic end-users.

Is "agile offshore" an oxymoron? To the hard-core agile fundamentalist, maybe so. With a distributed team and a remote customer, you need to try harder to be agile, and compensate for the obvious drawbacks of the situation as best you can. This project shows that a practical approach based on agile principles can yield fantastic results.

Check out the site here! Note - you will need to use IE on Windows XP. We'll be adding support for other browsers and platforms in the future.

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